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California compliant program

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California compliant training program

The State of California is very specific on how training need to be conducted. You must specifically address the following requirements in order to be compliant. This means taking an generic online program will not work:

  • Identify the specific work areas within your workplace

  • Determine the hazards of each work area

  • Develop corrective measure for each work area

  • Incorporate employer & employee participation for corrective measures

  • Training must allow for interactive questions and answers with instructor

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The following are exempt from the new California regulation

  • Health care facilities

  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Employees teleworking form a location of the employee's choice, which is not under the control of the employer.

  • Places of employment where there are less than 10 employees working at the place at any given time and that are not accessible to the public.

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No two organizations are exactly the same. We design and develop a custom active shooter training program, then deliver that program to your organization. We overcome the training challenges of many industries through our ability to effectively train in your specific workplace.

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