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  • In today's unpredictable world, hospitals face increasing challenges in ensuring the safety and security of their facilities. With the rise in active shooter incidents, it has become crucial for healthcare facilities to prioritize modernized active shooter training and preparedness. At Global Safety, we understand the vital need for hospitals to develop effective strategies, train their staff, and implement state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the safety of patients, employees, and visitors. Contact us today to receive your industry-specific consultation, and let us help your healthcare facility remain a beacon of safety, comfort, and care.

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The Escalating Threat

Hospitals, traditionally regarded as safe havens for healing, have increasingly become tempting targets for active shooters. The vulnerability of healthcare facilities arises from their open-door policies, high patient traffic, and the emotional volatility often present due to the nature of medical practices. It is essential to acknowledge this evolving threat and proactively address it.


High Stakes in Healthcare Settings

  • Active shooter incidents have a unique set of risks in hospital environments. The presence of vulnerable patients, medications, and critical medical equipment increases the potential for catastrophic consequences. Preparedness must focus on responding to an incident, minimizing casualties, and protecting the continuity of patient care.

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The HERO Program

When it comes to active shooter events, every second counts. That's why Global Safety has developed the HERO (Hostile, Event, Response & Operations) Program, a comprehensive training solution designed to equip you and your organization with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to effectively respond, react, and survive these complex challenges unique to your workplace.


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Exclusive Situational Awareness Exercises

Situational awareness is crucial in an active shooter event. Our HERO Program goes beyond theoretical knowledge by providing exclusive situational awareness exercises. Through these exercises, you and your personnel will learn to assess your surroundings, identify potential threats, and make informed decisions in high-stress situations.

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Taking Action and Addressing Life-Threatening Injuries

During an active shooter event, it is essential to know how to take proper action to protect yourself and those around you. The HERO Program provides comprehensive training on addressing life-threatening injuries commonly found in active shooter events. You will learn crucial first aid techniques, including tourniquet application, wound treatment, and emergency communication, enabling you to potentially save lives in critical situations.


Recognizing Unique Challenges in Your Hospital

  • Each hospital and healthcare facility has its own set of unique challenges and vulnerabilities. Through the HERO Program, we emphasize the importance of recognizing and identifying these challenges within your specific environment. By understanding the layout, potential hiding places, and evacuation routes of your building or campus, you will be better prepared to respond effectively in an active shooter event.

Choose Global Safety as Your Trusted Partner

When it comes to active shooter training and workplace safety solutions, Global Safety is your trusted partner. The Global Safety HERO Program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to appropriately react, respond, and survive these uniquely challenging situations. With our customized training, exclusive situational awareness exercises, and hands-on techniques, you and your personnel will be ready to take action, address life-threatening injuries, and navigate the complexities of an active shooter event. Choose Global Safety and join us in creating a safer tomorrow.