Empower Your Team to Save Lives

HERO- Hostile, Event, Response & Operations- Was developed to address the complex challenges of an active shooter event. We empowers people to properly react, respond and survive these challenges that are unique to your workplace.

We do this through:

  • Custom design program, unique to your organization and workplace.
  • Exclusive situational awareness exercises
  • Instructor led training for all exercises and hands on techniques
Global Safety

HERO Empowers you to make a properly respond.

When a active shooter event occurs at your work place seconds matter. Your personnel needs to know how to respond to Active shooter event before, during and after first responders arrive. After our training you will be able to:

  • Understand the complex challenges of an active shooter event
  • Take proper action to protect yourself and those around you
  • Address life threading injuring found in active shooter events
  • Recognize and identify the unique challenges of your workplace
  • Deploy your organizations emergency action plan

Hero is for all types of organizations and industries

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Custom design program for your Organization

No two organizations are exactly the same. We design and develop a custom program, then deliver that program to your organization. We over come the training challenges of many industries through our ability to effectively train in your specific workplace.

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Global Safety

Addressing life threading injuries

HERO prepares you to address the most common life threatening injuries that occur in a active shooter event. We do this through teaching you how to properly deploy bandaging, how to address large wounds and the proper use of tourniquets.

Developed through experience

HERO was developed through 30 years of experience in emergency response. Our unique approach is designed to empower the individual in making the proper decisions necessary to keep themselves, and others, alive in an Active Shooter event. Regardless of industry, our program address the unique challenges of your location and workplace. We pride ourselves in creating the very best program for your organization, supported by expert instructors, and delivering that program in an effective and dynamic manner.


About us

Global Safety was founded in the early 2000's and focused on first aid and CPR training. We have the privilege to train and prepare hundreds of individuals since that time. In early 2022 we decided to refocus our mission to address the current active shooter crisis.

We exist to fight fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Our programs are intelligently designed, highly effective, and easy to understand. 

Founded by a emergency responder with over 30 years of fire fighting experience and training. WE are passionate and dedicated to always providing you the very best instructors and nationally recognizing best industry standards.