Life-Saving Techniques: First Aid Skills For Treating Injuries During Mass Shootings

Life-Saving Techniques: First Aid Skills For Treating Injuries During Mass Shootings

Global Safety is committed to providing you with education on life-saving techniques you can utilize in the event of a mass shooting. Read on to learn more about things you can do if you or another person becomes injured during a mass shooting. Sign up your workplace for our first aid training today.

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Stop Bleeding

Some injuries sustained during a mass shooting incident can cause bleeding, and severe bleeding can be life-threatening. Make sure to apply firm and direct pressure and, if possible, elevate the wound above the level of the injured person’s heart to stop the bleeding. If these techniques don’t work, tightly tie a tourniquet a few inches above the wound as a last resort.

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Clear Blocked Airways

If someone is having difficulty breathing, you can help by carefully tilting their head back. This technique creates a straight line from the mouth to the lungs, helping to ensure that air can flow freely into the person's lungs and aiding in their breathing. Remember to be gentle and cautious when performing this maneuver to avoid causing further injury.

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Perform Chest Compressions

If someone is unconscious and not breathing, you can start CPR by giving chest compressions. Place the heel of one of your hands on the center of the person's chest and place your other hand on top of the first. Push down hard and fast, allowing the chest to fully recoil between compressions, and continue until emergency medical help arrives. Quick and effective chest compressions can help maintain blood flow and oxygenation to vital organs, improving the person's chances of survival.

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Provide Comfort and Reassurance

You can help those around you by providing emotional support. Stay calm, speak calmly, and reassure the injured individuals that help is on the way. This can help reduce anxiety and stress during a traumatic event.

These are just some life-saving techniques that could help you and those around you in the event of a mass shooting. Learn other valuable health and safety techniques by choosing our first aid training courses for your workplace.

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