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Sports & Concert Venue Active Shooter Response Training

Active shooter incidents are on the rise, and as they do, it is vital for businesses to prioritize safety training. Because risk cannot be eliminated totally, staff training is important in the event of an active shooter scenario at public events and arenas. Situational awareness, warning indicators, and what to do in an active shooter scenario are all required training. Active violence response training provided by venues may assist businesses and workers in preparing for a violent workplace incident.

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Sports & Concert Venue Active Shooter Training

Having the necessary procedures and training enables staff to maintain their composure in potentially risky circumstances at sports and entertainment venues. This training may assist in reducing workplace violence and mitigating the harm caused by a violent incident.

Stop the Bleed

Given the unpredictable nature of active shooter events, being prepared may assist you in navigating very perilous circumstances. Always begin by being aware of your surroundings. It is critical to be aware of what is going on around you, anything out of the norm, and potential evacuation plans.

When confronted with an active shooter, the first line of action should always be to flee if feasible. If you are in the same location as the gunman, locate a safe place to flee. If possible, make your way to an exit. If the gunman notices you, do not stop to conceal yourself; continue moving in a zigzag pattern to make yourself a more difficult target to strike. Only dial 911 if you are in a secure environment.

If you are unable to flee, your next course of action should be to hide. Finding a suitable hiding position makes you more difficult to locate, which decreases your likelihood of becoming a target. Once concealed, search for a hefty or sharp item that you can employ in the event of a conflict.

Always fight as a last option. Because the majority of people are untrained or unarmed, always attempt to flee or hide first.

Global Safety
Global Safety

Sports & Concert Venue Bleeding Control Training

In the case of a violent incident at a sports or entertainment venue, assistance to a wounded individual suffering from a bleeding injury may be essential. If this is the case, good training may contribute to their survival. Remove any clothes or debris from the area of the injury and apply pressure to the cut to stop the bleeding. Allow the wounded individual to lay down and do not remove the bandage, even if blood penetrates. Apply a tourniquet only if you have been trained to do so, and avoid moving the wounded individual.

Getting Started with Training

While a quick overview is beneficial, nothing can substitute for thorough training in a life-threatening scenario. AVERT's interactive active shooter reaction and emergency bleeding control training may assist your team in protecting your event.