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School Active Shooter Response Training

It is critical to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios that may occur at your school. Unfortunately, the danger of encountering an active shooter exists, and being prepared and understanding how to respond appropriately is a matter of life and death. You can guarantee that your team is appropriately trained and prepared to act with the assistance of our school active shooter response training courses. How to do so is detailed below.

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Train Your Faculty

Our AVERT training programs educate your teaching and staff employees how to respond safely and efficiently to life-threatening school shooter events.

Our course will assist participants in increasing their situational awareness and identifying early warning indicators. If an event happens, they will rapidly determine whether to flee, evade, or attack and will respond appropriately via the use of emergency response skills.

Stop the Bleed

Treating victims who have been injured is one of the most essential problems during an active shooter situation. It is critical to understand how to halt bleeding in an emergency and how to extend life until aid comes.

Our training will provide your employees with the knowledge necessary to halt the bleeding until more assistance comes.

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Emergency Response Tactics

When an active shooter enters your school, the response tactics used by faculty and staff members will have a significant impact on the situation's outcome.

That is why a significant portion of our training courses is devoted to teaching your team how to react to a crisis. It is vital to understand emergency response methods and how to employ them.

Live Scenario Simulations

To better prepare your team for an active shooter scenario and to allow them to practice what they have learned, we will simulate a live scenario. This will be done safely but realistically in order to guarantee that your team is fully prepared.

It is never simple to deal with a scenario like this and know how to react appropriately. However, with our live scenario simulations, we can provide your professors and staff members with a clear and realistic experience. A live simulation enables the identification of areas for development.

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