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Sadly, the threat of an active shooter exists, and your team must be prepared for the worst-case situation. After training with AVERT, you will grasp the proper procedures for dealing with active violence and emergency bleeding scenarios, enabling you to assist or perhaps save your own and others around you lives. Being in control of retail operations or real estate requires you to be prepared for every eventuality, which includes understanding what to do in the event of an active shooter.

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With our retail active shooter response training, you and your staff will be prepared to react if necessary. With AVERT, you'll learn how to recognize warning signals of impending violence, how to increase situational awareness, and how to assist others in remaining safe.

We will teach you how to evade, escape, and attack, as well as how to provide emergency bleeding management.

It is critical for retail businesses to do all possible to safeguard everyone who enters through their doors. If the unimaginable occurs and an active shooter enters your facility, everyone has to be prepared with effective response training, from management to front-line personnel. Knowing how to respond to a situation and whether to attack, dodge, or flee might be the difference between life and death.

Numerous emergency response protocols are taught in AVERT, ensuring that you and your personnel are prepared to respond successfully to an occurrence. To discover more about our training and how we can assist your retail company, contact us.

Global Safety
Global Safety

We'll guarantee that your staff members understand how to react in an emergency via dynamic training and realistic simulated situations. Even a little delay of a few minutes may have a substantial influence on an individual's chances of survival.

Our active shooter and emergency stop the bleed procedures teach individuals how to react quickly, take action, and offer the greatest possible chance of survival for anybody who has been injured until additional medical assistance from emergency services is delivered.

Active shooter simulation training is a critical component of AVERT's learning process. The fake event is conducted in the safest possible manner, with all participants fully informed and prepared for what is about to occur. The simulation allows you to assess how your team could react, what they do well, and where they might improve in the event of an active shooter incident.

AVERT employs a combination of online and in-person dynamic training approaches. Emergency bleeding management and active shooter simulation training allow your team to be completely prepared for a worst-case scenario.