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Determine if  your house of worship is equipped to deal with active shooter scenarios. It is critical to take precautions against the possibility of these events to safeguard the safety of your employees, volunteers, and congregation at all times. A church, synagogue, temple, or other holy gathering location might benefit from an active shooter response training session. Continue reading to learn more.

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At AVERT, we specialize in training your church's leaders and volunteers to react appropriately to an active shooter scenario. Our training sessions are designed to provide your employees with the skills necessary to respond appropriately and take action to save lives.

Acting quickly and following the appropriate precautions may help save lives in an active shooter situation. With AVERT, any member of your church who undergoes training will know exactly how to respond.

A person may bleed to death in as little as three minutes after a major injury. When an active shooter occurs in your church and individuals are injured, assist those injured using emergency bleeding methods until first responders arrive. Our training equips your church leaders, volunteers, and congregation with the required abilities to do this.

AVERT, in particular, provides instruction on how to control bleeding in an emergency. Correct emergency bleeding control measures can save lives during and soon after an active shooter event, thus knowing these tactics is critical.

Global Safety
Global Safety

Knowing just how to react in an emergency is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Through our training classes, we provide the necessary tactics and a knowledge of how to flee and avoid injury while also defending others.

AVERT training guarantees that everyone who participates in the program has a firm grasp of active shooter response protocols and how to deploy them in the event of an emergency.

We include a live shooter scenario simulation into our training. This enables all participants in the training session to have firsthand knowledge of how an active shooter event could unfold safely and controllably.

It's difficult to predict how you and people around you will react to an active shooter scenario unless you've lived through one. A live simulation can help you identify areas for development.

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