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Active shooter events have occurred at government institutions in the past, and all staff members should be well trained in active shooter response and stop the bleed tactics. Individuals who get training are equipped with the information necessary to react and respond appropriately in the case of a violent occurrence.

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Conducting active shooter training sessions may help guarantee that your business is prepared in the event of a fire. Active violence and hemorrhage control training have the ability to save lives. Each team member will leave these training sessions feeling secure in their ability to react appropriately in a serious, life-threatening circumstance.

Our AVERT training for government workplaces includes a wide range of topics, from warning indicators and situational awareness to escape, evade, or assault techniques and active shooter response protocols. We want to go above and above to ensure that everyone understands what to do in the event of a blood loss. We work with each team member to ensure that they are confident in their ability to perform life-saving emergency control measures.

Finally, our government active shooter response training equips participants with critical understanding regarding response equipment such as bleeding control kits and AEDs, enabling them to utilize them effectively in the event of an emergency.

Global Safety
Global Safety

We differentiate ourselves from other active violence response programs by combining reaction training and emergency bleeding management with real scenario training. AVERT immerses your government workers in an active shooter scenario, ensuring that they understand how to respond in the event of an active shooter, using mitigation measures to keep themselves and others safe.

We want you to leave feeling sure that if workplace violence occurs, you will be able to take control and know precisely what to do.

Every minute counts in situations of aggressive violence. When an accident leads in significant bleeding, every second matters. While the situation may seem to be overwhelming, our training teaches your personnel how to react and respond in order to save lives.

Enroll yourself and your staff in our federal active shooter response and emergency bleeding control training classes to boost your workplace confidence. The advantages to your business may be life-saving, as everyone will learn and practice emergency procedures.

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