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First Responder Active Shooter Response Training

When confronted with an active shooter scenario, training is critical to ensuring your team's safety on the job. Learn more about our first responder active violence and bleeding control training.

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Paramedics providing first aid to man injured in car accident.

Are you looking for active shooter training for first responders?

As a first responder, you enter some of the most perilous circumstances on the planet. As active shooter incidences are on the rise, specific training on how to respond should be a priority.

AVERT training for first responders

Our AVERT training for first responders covers everything from warning signals of a potentially violent scenario to situational awareness and the procedures to take in the event of an active shooter incident to help keep you and others safe. AVERT's mixed methodology combines online instruction with a dynamic, in-person class to guarantee that everyone understands how to respond appropriately in an instant, violent crisis.

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Active Shooter & Bleeding Control Live Scenario Training

First responders are often put in circumstances of dread, stress, and vulnerability. From accidents to deliberate assault, first responders ensure that victims survive and get the finest medical treatment possible on the spot and while in route. Officers of the law, firemen, and emergency medical technicians are all on the front lines. AVERT may supplement your already rigorous training by emphasizing active shooter reaction, emergency bleeding management procedures, and escape, evasion, and assault tactics.

First responder bleeding control training

Proper training enables you to respond effectively and efficiently to an active shooter scenario. With AVERT training, you'll learn how to respond specifically in the event of an unexpected violent occurrence including an active shooter or a scenario requiring emergency bleeding. AVERT training may be completed in as little as one day when delivered in a mixed style.

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