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Interested in CPR, AED, and First Aid training for your workplace?

We'll coordinate, schedule, and deliver all of your company's AED, CPR, and First Aid training requirements. Training is accessible in all 50 states and satisfies the standards of more than 7,000 state regulatory bodies, occupational licensing boards, national organizations, commissions, and councils in over 550 vocations and professions.

AVERT is for all types of organizations and industries

Global Safety

Approved Training Centers and authorized Instructors provide high-quality, in-person, effective emergency care training in a classroom setting.

Global Safety
Blended Learning

Make the most of a flexible, hybrid approach that combines online cognitive learning and in-person, hands-on skills practice for your certification.

Global Safety

Compliance and Quality Assurance

HSI is a recognized training organization on a national level. Currently, HSI's emergency care training and professional continuing education programs are accepted, approved, or recognized as meeting the requirements of over 7,000 state and federal regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions, and councils in over 550 occupations and professions.

Our Training Center Standards are updated on a regular basis and are accessible via the HSI Training Center Administrative Manual (TCAM). Due to the importance of openness in health and safety training, the TCAM is freely accessible to anybody interested in our quality assurance and improvement procedures.