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Preparing for active shooter scenarios is critical if you want to create a safe work environment for your organization and team. Our specialized training program provides your team with the information necessary to react effectively if the unthinkable occurs. Discover how our corporate active shooter response training may benefit your organization.

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Rapid response to life-threatening events is crucial in every workplace. Your team will get an understanding of warning signals of potential danger and how to create situational awareness with the assistance of AVERT.

Various reaction tactics, such as evading assault and escape, are taught, as well as other essential emergency response measures, such as bleeding control kits.

Stopping the bleeding is one of the most crucial actions to perform when a person has been shot. A person may bleed to death in as little as three minutes after a major injury. This is why we place a high premium on training your staff members on how to stop bleeding in gunshot wound cases.

There are many emergency bleeding control procedures that may be applied, and we will demonstrate how to execute the most critical ones. Additionally, they will learn how to operate the equipment necessary to properly stop the bleeding should the need arise.

Global Safety
Global Safety

We will guarantee that your staff members understand precisely how to react in the event of an emergency. Even a few minutes of delay may have a major effect on an individual's chances of survival.

Our emergency response training teaches individuals how to react quickly, take action, and provide anybody injured the greatest possible chance of survival until emergency personnel arrive.

It may assist your personnel in simulating an active shooter incident. The fake incident is conducted in the safest possible manner, with everyone fully informed of what is occurring beforehand. This allows you to assess how your team could react, what they do well, and where they might improve in the event of an active shooter incident.

We use dynamic training techniques, and the active shooter simulation completely prepares your staff for the worst-case scenario.